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SSI: Getting back pay on SSI benefits after approval

In 2022 there was a boost to SSI payments, and in some cases those awaiting approval are owed payments for missing months.

social security cards used for programs like SSI and social security

SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income and is paid through the Social Security Administration.

Monthly payments go out to individuals who have a limited income and little to no assets.

Getting it will depend on how much you have for income and what you own as assets.

SSI & SSDI: What you can earn and still qualify for benefits, up to $4,174

The average payment jumped by $34 in 2022, making it $621 per month.

The max payment is worth $841 per month.

SSI pay back explained

Once you apply for SSI, you may not receive the benefits immediately.

In many cases it could take months to see any benefits.

SSI: How high can my income be to still qualify for SSI?

If you are approved, you might get payment for the time between your application and when you were approved.

If you application was denied and you were approved on appeal, it’s a good idea to apply for back pay because it’s even more time.

The average wait time for getting approved is between three and five months.

Back payments and retroactive payments are not the same.

Retroactive is for before you applied and don’t go out for SSI.

Supplemental Security Income and applying

For however many months between your application and approval date go by, you’ll get your monthly payment multiplied by that number.

The back pay is made in three installments.

If your back pay is more than three times the max payment of $841 you cannot get a lump sum.

The three installments will go out at 6 month intervals beginning soon after you’re approved.

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