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SSI: How high can my income be to still qualify for SSI?

Some people who are older or have a disability that prevents them from working helps them to qualify for SSI benefits.

social security card with cash representing benefits like SSI

This is a federal program paid for by taxes.

SSI is specifically for seniors over 65, blind, and/or disabled Americans with little to no income.

The payments go toward daily living expenses like clothing, food, and shelter.

Supplemental Security Income and applying

There are limits to what you can collect as income in order to qualify for these benefits.

If you surpass these limits then you won’t necessarily lose your SSI benefits, but they could be lowered.

Who can get SSI and what’s the income limit?

Individuals must be over 65, blind, or disabled to qualify.

The money will pay for their basic living expenses.

Those on these benefits may not be gainfully employed, meaning they cannot be making enough to afford things themselves.

The 2022 income limits are $1,767 per month for individuals and $2,000 in assets.

SSDI: Who can apply for SSDI benefits?

If you qualify, the maximum amount you’ll see is $841 for individuals or $1,261 for couples.

Couples have an income limit of $2,607 each month.

The SSA explains that making over the limits shows you aren’t suffering from a disability that will keep you from working.

Social Security: SSDI and SSI explained

What happens to your SSI if you pass the income limit

Your benefits are calculated based on your countable income.

Different factors are taken into consideration when you pass the income limit.

It matters whether your income was earned and if your state provides you with additional SSI benefits.

If your monthly income surpasses $85 then your benefits are lowered.

Once it passes $1,750 they will be ended entirely.

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