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Snow continues over next few hours, here’s how your commute will be impacted, school delays


Wayne County Senior Centers


Cato-Meridian two hours

Cayuga Community College two hours

Clyde-Savannah two hours


Geneva two hours

Midlakes two hours

Odessa-Montour two hours

Port Byron one hour

Prattsburgh two hours

Trumansburg two hours

Wayne Education Center two hours

Wayne Technical and Career Center two hours

Weedsport one hour


The rain has been replaced by snow, and the alerts from the National Weather Service remain active. At least for the next 6-10 hours.

– There are Flood Warnings, Flood Advisories, and Flood Watches active now; and
– The Winter Weather Advisory issued yesterday will expire between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. depending on location.

The biggest issue now will be the snow that fell, or is falling across the region. There were limited freezing rain reports overnight, which means that snow is the focus this morning during the commute.

Use caution, plan for extra time in your morning drive, and give road crews extra space to work. The snow will continue over the next few hours until it tapers off during the mid-morning hours.

Here’s the latest from the Storm Trackers Team

– By Bill Boggess, Storm Trackers Team Forecaster


Light to moderate rain continues to fall across the area and is expected to continue for the next several hours before changing over to frozen precipitation. Some reports have started to come in regarding minor flooding around Irondequoit Creek in portions of Eastern Monroe county. Looking at the flood gauge for Irondequoit Creek shows the water level above flood stage. As a result of ongoing flooding an Awareness Alert for General Flooding has been issued for Eastern Monroe County until 7 AM Saturday.

Editor’s Note: Check out the latest from the Storm Trackers Team by clicking here and visiting their Facebook Page. We will continue sharing updates from the team here throughout this winter weather event.

Here’s the latest from local meteorologists


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