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How To Distribute Internal Resources In Preparation For The Exam? 

When it’s time for exams for schoolchildren and students, each of them probably experiences psychological stress. And this is absolutely normal for the body in a stressful situation. With a little emotional tension, performance and brain activity even increase. But if the excitement and stress are too strong, then there is an opposite reaction – the inability to focus and absorb the necessary knowledge.

So why does this happen? The experts from StudyEssay claim that the main and primary reason lies in the personal attitude to what is happening. It is very important to perceive this responsible situation adequately, without unnecessary psychological stress. This will help to properly distribute moral and physical strength to prepare and pass the exam. When a person is engaged in a monotonous activity, concentration weakens, memory deteriorates. Therefore, it is very important not to study absolutely all the time during the period of preparation for the exam. There is no doubt that repeating and memorizing the training material requires a lot of time, but mental activity should be periodically changed for physical activity – get up, move around, go out. This will avoid mental and mental fatigue. During preparation for exams, you need to adhere to a certain sleep and rest routine. The night sleep should be increased by 1 hour so that the body can fully recover during a period of intense mental stress.

Time Management

It is important to properly distribute the time for study and rest breaks. For example, it is considered optimal to take 10-15 minute breaks after 40-50 minutes of intensive classes. And after every 2-3 hours of training, you should take a longer break to rest – to get some fresh air, just relax with your eyes closed. If you want to sleep, then do not fight this desire, it is better to take a nap and then with renewed vigor to start studying. It is very important to develop an individual scheme of classes, taking into account personal preferences and psycho-type. It is clear that a slow and active person will be differently prepared for exams, and the visual and auditory will perceive information in different ways. That’s taking into account all the personality traits and need to develop a strategy to prepare for the exam. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses, polish your learning style exam materials, to use all your intellectual resources, and be sure to set yourself up for success.

Rational Load Distribution

The next step is to evenly distribute the information you need to learn (tickets, questions) on the days set aside to prepare for the exam. The last day before the exam should be excluded from the list – it will be used for brief repetition of the material you have learned. Each training day should also be divided into several stages, taking into account personal capabilities. How to prepare for the oral exam? In writing! That is – for each question to write a brief, but complete answer. Such notes even in the process of writing them quite firmly remembered, and later serve as excellent notes for rapid repetition of examination material. Such notes are especially useful for visuals, who remember information better visually. To successfully prepare for the exam, you need to organize your workspace properly. The place for study should be comfortable, with the right lighting, without unnecessary things that distract attention from books and notes. In general, you just should like to study!

Daily Routine And Healthy Eating

An optimal daily routine and a nutritious diet are important in preparing for exams. The intense mental activity provokes an increased appetite. And such foods as fish, cottage cheese, apricots, and various nuts stimulate the active work of the brain. Doctors do not recommend consuming large quantities of strong coffee, tea, and energy drinks as stimulants. They certainly will not add intelligence and knowledge but can damage the body. It is better to give preference to plain and mineral water, green tea, teas from individually selected herbal gatherings. Never sit over your books on the last night before the exam! It is for sleeping and proper rest. Only this will allow on a responsible day to be collected and not to be confused before the examiner. In the morning have a good breakfast and eat a small piece of chocolate to provide the brain with the necessary glucose. And off you go! Break a leg!

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