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Grocery: Discount chain gets new look

Grocery chain changes their look.

Save A Lot grocery store logo

We all love discount shopping.

Normally discount grocery stores don’t have the nicest look.

That is until now, Save A Lot is getting a makeover.

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Save A Lots  grocery store makeover

During the pandemic Save A Lot closed 100 of it’s stores.

The chain is now ready to turn things around.

With 900 locations in 32 states the company is now customizing its stores.

They’re bringing a lot tot he table right now.

Creating a new logo, refreshing their old packaging and a new marketing campaign.

There is plans to remodel 100 grocery stores and all other stores are to be upgraded by 2024.

We’ve entered 2022 with strong momentum and improved financials that will help fuel the growth of the business in the years ahead.

Said Save A Lots vice president, Mark Hutchens.

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