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Good news about long COVID in kids

Long COVID is rare in people under 18 years old.

child painting while wearing a mask to protect against COVID-19

There have been several peer-reviewed studies on long COVID in children.

A third of older adults who had COVID-19 develop new symptoms

Long COVID is fairly uncommon for kids

One study found that 97% of children between 5-11 who had COVID-19 completely recovered in four weeks.

Fewer than 1% of children under 18 diagnosed with COVID-19 needed to be hospitalized. Vaccines have proven helpful in reducing this rate further.

Many restrictions, like masking, have been relaxed for adults, but not kids, which may contribute to some of their anxieties.

Children are more likely to suffer from “pandemic-associated symptoms than from infection-associated symptoms.” Some of those may come from, experiencing  loneliness, interrupted schooling, anxiety, tensions at home, the loss of loved ones.

It is important that when studying children and COVID-19 that we remember to account for mental health too.

Increased cases of ‘broken heart syndrome’ during pandemic

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