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Child Tax Credit: Where is my refund?

Millions of Americans benefit every year from tax credits like the child tax credit from the IRS.

tax return that Americans submit to the IRS to claim credits like the child tax credit or EITC

Unfortunately, credits like the child tax credit and earned income tax credit make refunds take longer.

If you filed online, you’ll start to see your refunds by March 1.

This is for those that chose direct deposit as their option.

You may track your refund using the Where’s My Refund tool on the IRS website.

IRS: Earned Income Tax Credit in 2022

I haven’t received my refund from my child tax credit

Refunds for anyone that claimed the CTC or EITC cannot be issued until after mid-February.

This is to help avoid tax fraud.

You may have claimed these credits and the IRS needs more information from you.

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IRS: When will my refund be direct deposited?

In that case, you’ll be sent a letter and need to respond, which will take time.

If you filed your return early on and claimed either of these tax credits, you may be in luck.

Those who filed ahead of schedule and claimed the child tax credit may see their refunds as early as Feb. 19.

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