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Beyond Van Gogh exhibit brings history to the Finger Lakes

I was welcomed into the art world at a very young age, which is something I’m forever grateful for. But given that I grew up in a rural part of the Finger Lakes there wasn’t a lot of places to go and experience it. Most of my exposure as a child was through the Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn. I’m always in search of new exhibits. So when I heard that Beyond Van Gogh was coming to Rochester I jumped at the opportunity.

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The Beyond Van Gogh exhibit in Rochester, New York but they have exhibits all over the world. It’s not a regular art exhibit where you walk around and look at framed pieces on walls. The exhibit consists of three rooms. In the first room you’re walking through a maze that is lit up by quotes from letters Van Gogh wrote to friends and family. The second room gives you a taste of what the main room will be like. In this room there’s images that are projected onto the wall that works its way to the floor. However, the main room is where the show begins. As soon as you walk in you’re transported into a different world. The entire room is consumed by Van Gogh’s work. It feels like you become a part of the paintings. They’re projected onto the walls and the floors making the entire room a display.

Beyond Van Gogh Exhibit

Beyond Van Gogh will be in Rochester until March 20, 2022. This was the most amazing art show that I’ve ever seen. Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most famous painters from his time. The exhibit is beyond compare. They were able to take such rich art pieces and put a modern twist on them to catch a new generation’s eye. The exhibit was full of people from all ages. This would be a great place to go with anyone- including friends, family or partners.

You can purchase tickets online at

Pictures from Beyond Van Gogh Exhibit

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