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VELO: A Nicotine Delivery System 

VELO is a nicotine delivery system, and one of the hottest new trends in nicotine delivery. It’s the first of its kind, having undergone a lengthy, expensive development, production and marketing. Since it’s being offered as an alternative to cigarette smoking, many people ask about its safety. It has been put through many rigorous tests by government agencies. Below are some basic facts about this nicotine product.

About VELO

The purpose of VELO is to create the best possible experience for adult smokers who consider switching to a less harmful alternative. Reasons for switching include the health benefits and society’s increasing awareness about second-hand smoke. LYFT decided to rebrand as VELO. The mission was to change the way people feel about nicotine pouches.

Who Is the Supplier of VELO Pouches?

The solution for the Swedish snus market is now available to order. Snusdirect is a supplier of VELO nicotine pouches, an alternative to cigarettes. It’s an innovative Swedish snus brand with the best nicotine content on the market. Velo is a tobacco company owned by British American Tobacco (BAT), one of the world’s largest tobacco companies.

Is VELO Readily Available?

In the past, LYFT was sold as white tobacco in an oral pouch, Now, it has been developed into a modified pouch for smokers that contains nicotine and tobacco. Snusdirect sells VELO on the internet to snus consumers. Because of this unique sales method, you can buy VELO Nicotine Pouches at any time.

What Is Combustion?

In a cigarette combustion reaction, tobacco is burned and reacts with oxygen to release toxic gasses like carbon monoxide. This is because of the addition of chemicals by tobacco companies. Therefore, combustion is another name for burning. These toxic gasses are inhaled with each puff of cigarette smoke.

The Benefits of VELO Pouches on Lungs

Any smoker knows that smoking constantly in the presence of oxygen leads to intoxication and a feeling of nausea. The harmful substances in tobacco smoke aren’t nicotine, but chemicals produced when the tobacco burns. 


That’s why, for most smokers and non-smokers, VELO pouches are a healthier alternative. Healthy lungs remove carbon dioxide while eliminating other substances that have been inhaled.

No Passive Smoking – No Exposure

VELO nicotine pouches don’t subject your family or household members to second-hand smoke. The products don’t produce any smoke or vapour and are used without combustion—no danger for those around you and your loved ones.

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