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Moderna’s Omicron booster isn’t better than the original

Moderna generated a vaccine that is supposed to target Omicron specifically.

Moderna makes an Omicron specific booster, but it isn't better than the original

This booster dose was tested in a small study but didn’t seem to protect any better than the original.

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Who was tested?

The effects of Moderna’s Omicron specific booster vaccine was tested on a small group of monkeys.

The nonhuman primate (NHP) model has been “largely predictive for what has been observed in humans in terms of protective efficacy.”

Whether the monkeys were boosted by the original or the specific, the increase in antibodies was the same.

Ars Technica, reports that “when the vaccinated and boosted monkeys were challenged with an Omicron infection, both boosters protected the primates equally well from disease in their lower airways.”

It is expected that these finding will hold true in human trials.

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How does this impact humans?

Duke University conducted a study on the Moderna COVID-19 booster shot. They found that it created antibodies that fight Omicron.

The antibodies lasted about six months before decreasing.

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