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Are “quarantine camps” a real NYS health initiative?

Rumors of New York State Department of Health “quarantine camps” have been spreading across the state- Is this a real initiative, and should people be worried?

State Assemblyman Josh Jensen wants to make it clear that the NYS DOH has not proposed anything resembling a camp for people isolating due to COVID-19 infection, according to WHEC.

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“That’s not what’s being proposed,” said Jensen, who sits on the State Assembly Health Committee. “What the Department of Health is trying to do is extend isolation quarantine guidelines that have been in effect since March of 2020.”

NYS DOH officials have joined Jensen in saying there is no truth to claims that the state is setting up so-called “quarantine camps.”

Jensen and other Republicans have stated, however, that they believe the state is bypassing the Legislature by implementing new health guidelines, saying these issues should be debated openly before enactment.