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Does hybrid immunity offer lasting protection against COVID-19?

Vaccinated, boosted, and recovery from  COVID-19 infection offers the best chance for hybrid immunity.

dice that read 'immune' last one flipping from no to yes- is it because of hybrid immunity?

People are starting to wonder if they can relax after checking all the boxes for hybrid immunity.

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Fears about COVID-19 leave the immunocompromised feeling trapped

So am I immune?

Most illnesses don’t generate “one and done” immunity. Immunity against COVID-19 from infection can last for months, but gets weaker over time. Studies are still trying to determine how long it lasts.

Everybody has a different immune system. A vaccine is a standard dose that is given to everyone. The virus isn’t standardized in the way it infects.

There is even variation in the way different bodies react to the same dose of the vaccine.

Vaccinated people who still catch COVID-19 do get an immune boost from it.

Even if you do have hybrid immunity, with lots of antibodies to offer protection, continued high-risk activities will increase chances of reinfection. Going into crowded areas unmasked, and similar activities are high risk during a pandemic.

Your hybrid immunity may offer some “wiggle room.” It is completely dependent on how much risk you are willing to tolerate.

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