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IRS: How long until I see my refund?

Around 75% of Americans receive a tax refund from the IRS each year, and many are preparing their tax returns now.

IRS tax return forms to submit for a tax refund in 2022

2021 tax season saw a major delay in processing returns and sending out refunds. Families are slightly worried about that.

Around 30 million people dealt with late refunds last year.

While this year may prove to be equally difficult, the IRS is both cautious and optimistic.

Child tax credit: Complications arising during tax season 2022

IRS warns there’s potential for delays this year

There is still a backlog from 2021 in 2022 when it comes to processing returns.

As long as Americans file correct information, they should see their refund within 21 days of their return being accepted.

Anyone claiming the child tax or earned income credit will face a delay regardless because there are regulations in place to prevent fraud.

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Tax Refund: Boost worth $1,500 available to low income Americans

If you claimed either of those two credits and filed your return on the earliest day possible you may not see a refund until March.

The first day you could file was Jan. 24.

If you file any incorrect information like income your return is then reviewed.

This delay can take weeks or months.

IRS: You need to claim child tax credit even with advanced payments

How to ensure the IRS sends your refund as quickly as possible

There are a few things you can do to be sure you get a refund in a reasonable amount of time.

First, electronically file your return.

If you choose paper it could get lost in the mail or face delays arriving to the IRS.

Next, choose direct deposit as your mode of payment for a refund.

Checks also face the risk of being lost in the mail.

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