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Child tax credit: Complications arising during tax season 2022

The child tax credit payments were great for families in 2021 when the pandemic caused a lot of issues, but now, they’re proving difficult.

IRS tax return forms for parents to claim the child tax credit this year

Many people are expressing frustration over the information they’re required to know.

The IRS is attempting to help parents understand what it is they need to know and do.

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How do parents file their taxes after the child tax credit?

Parents either did or did not receive payments last year between July and Dec.

If they did, they need to know how much they were given to compare it to the amount they’re allowed to claim.

Letters were sent by the IRS containing this information to make it easier.

If you didn’t get a letter you can find the same information in your child tax credit portal.

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IRS: You need to claim child tax credit even with advanced payments

You need to know what you’re entitled to claim this year.

You can determine that with your income and number of dependents.

If the amount is more than what you were sent last year you’ll get the difference refunded.

If the amount was less that what you were sent, you will owe the IRS.

IRS: Larger refunds could mean mistakes were made

Why are parents frustrated over the child tax credit?

According to News 4 Jacksonville, the IRS created the confusion by having different information on the IRS website and in the portal.

To clear it up, the IRS says to only follow information in the portal.

You can also check your bank statements to see what you’ve received.

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