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Student loans: Are student loans allowed to be used for rent?

Many Americans wonder what they can do with their leftover tuition money once their payments are made with student loans.

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Once tuition and all fees are covered, you may use the leftover money for other purchases and expenses.

Education has become expensive, and students are required to take out loans more often than not in order to get the education they’re looking for.

When a student first takes out the loans, they’re given to the school first to make sure the money is being used appropriately.

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Once all tuition and fees are covered, the person the loan is for will see the remainder of the money.

They can then use it to pay things like rent and utilities.

The idea is to borrow as little as possible, because all of it will eventually need to be paid back with interest.

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How do you know how much your student loan will be?

When you apply for financial aid the school decides how much you need.

Things taken into account when deciding includes

  • Expected Family Contribution
  • year in school
  • enrollment status
  • cost of attendance

A formula determines the amount that you need.

The cost of attending is determined and then Expected Family Contribution is subtracted.

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What student loans are used for

  • tuition
  • fees
  • books
  • supplies
  • equipment
  • transportation
  • misc. personal expenses
  • room and board
  • disability expenses
  • childcare

Federal loans are determined each year and need to be renewed.

To apply for student loans, you need to fill out a FAFSA for before you begin the academic year.

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