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Restaurant chains that are shrinking

Some of these restaurant chains are currently getting smaller.

These 8 restaurant chains are currently shrinking.

Here is why.

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8 chains that are shrinking

Covid has not been nice to the food industry.

Being two years into a pandemic multiple chains are still struggling.

Its now to the point that some chains are getting smaller.

These are some of the chain restaurants being affected.


After its parent company, Luby’s was liquidated Fuddruckers is still holding on.

The company was purchased by Black titan Franchise Systems in 2021.

They are attempting to revive Fuddruckers.

The brand has been steadily declining since 2010.

Ruby Tuesday

Barely making it through the pandemic.

Rub Tuesdays was pushed into bankruptcy in late 2020.

By cutting their restaurant count by more than half.

They were able to come out of bankruptcy.

Golden Corral

Many buffet chains are showing signs of decline.

Due to only having 489 locations Golden Corral has managed to stay afloat during this pandemic.


This chains store count has shrunk by 94% in the past 15 years.

They are down to 255 stores as of last year.

Ponderosa and Bonanza Steakhouse

These two chains show now sign of recovery from this pandemic.

They were both already dealing with years of decline and have a collective total of 23 locations.

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Boston Market

After Boston Market restaurant count was at an all time low last year.

With 326 locations.

They have recently announced plans to expand with a new take out design.

Steak’n Shake

This company has been barely avoiding bankruptcy since 2021.

During that time the store count has been continuously declining.

There used to be 423 restaurants.

Now they are down to just 306 locations.

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