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McDonalds is being affected by these 4 major changes

These changes are going to affect your McDonald’s order.

McDonalds food on a tray

After having a great year in 2021.

It seems like there is going to be some changes when it comes it McDonalds.

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These 4 major changes are affecting McDonalds

The chain did well this past year with their sale increased by 13.8% in the U.S..

Even though they haven’t done bad in profits McDonalds is still struggling.

Due to the prices of materials and materials going up.

Also dealing with labor issues.


Here’s how these continuing changes will affect your McDonalds experience.

You’re less likely to see a dine in option

20% of the chain’s location have shut down dinning rooms.

This is due to a rise in Omicron cases.

Prices continuing to go up

McDonald’s prices were 6% higher in 2021.

With the price of food and materials continuing to rise its likely the chain will continue to raise prices.

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Longer drive-thru wait

The chain being understaffed you will most likely deal with a longer wait than what you’re used to.


Hours are still being cut short

Due to the chain being short staffed a lot of its restaurants had to cut their hours shorter.

Unfortunately this will likely continue happening through out 2022.

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