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IRS: Getting your refund faster

Tax season has begun, and the IRS wants Americans to know that there are ways they can get their refunds faster this year.

Americans started submitting their tax returns on Jan. 24 to the IRS.

Many of these individuals will see their refunds as soon as three weeks after submitting returns if they chose to do it specific ways.

Some may need to wait longer than the estimated 21 days due to certain credits they claimed.

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Here are ways to see your tax refund quicker from the IRS

Filing your return as soon as you can will help eliminate the risk of someone else illegally submitting a return in your name.

This will eliminate a major delay when it comes to identity theft and tax fraud.

If you claim a credit, you need to make sure your amount you claim is correct, or the mistake could take weeks or months to fix.

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If you know what amounts you received already, like for the child tax credit payments, that will make filing an accurate return easier.

Finally, you’ll want to file your return electronically so the IRS gets it immediately and you don’t risk losing it in the mail.

The same can be said for your refund.

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Choose direct deposit and make sure your banking information is correct.

This way you don’t need to wait on a paper check that also risks being lost in the mail.

The last day to file your taxes will be April 18, 2022.

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