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Four factors that impact your likelihood of getting long COVID

New research suggests that there are four different factors could increase your chances of getting long COVID.

The four identified factors can be found early in COVID-19 infections.

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What are the four telltale signs?

These factors are found in people who later developed long-lasting COVID-19 symptoms. Research has found that there is a connection between the factors and long COVID, even if the infection was mild. Read about it here.

The top four factors are:

  • The viral load in one’s blood
  • The presence of certain autoantibodies, which are often used to combat the virus and its symptoms
  • The reactivation of the Epstein-Barr virus, which has been known to infect people at a young age
  • The patient has Type 2 diabetes

Dr. Onur Boyman, a researcher in the department of immunology at University Hospital Zurich made a comment on the four factors. “These individuals might have a disadvantage from the start…they might also react slightly differently to viruses, which then leads to a misguided immune response.”

Identifying these factors is important because “if these pathways get confirmed, we as clinicians can actually design interventions to make people better.”

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