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WTCC hosts annual soup competition

Earlier this month, students at Wayne Technical and Career Center in Williamson participated in their annual soup competition, marking the eleventh year for the event.

“They keep getting better every year! I really thought they did a wonderful job this year and I can’t wait to see how they do next year,” said Brad Yearwood, Culinary Arts program instructor.

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

The students are paired together and given three days to find a recipe and convert the amount to one gallon of soup. They need to work with their partners to prep and create their soups with a functional garnish and present it as if they were presenting it to a guest at a restaurant.

They are then judged on presentation and overall taste. The program is also taught by instructor Brian Mattice, who ensured the students stuck to a strict 45-minute time allowance for the competition and coached them through the process of plating and presenting their soups.

In the senior class, the winning soup was a Sausage Black Bean with a Lime Sour Cream made by Josh Seavey (North-Rose Wolcott Central School District) and Isabella Lara Garcia (Palmyra Macedon Central School District).

The junior soup competition winners were Christian Dunham (Marion Central School District) and Ross Consadine (Williamson Central School District) with a Chicken Coconut Curry Soup.

If you’d like to learn more about the Culinary Arts program or Career and Technical Education at Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES, visit