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Things to Do in Abu Dhabi Full Day Tour

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The capital of the United Arab Emirates has been making waves with the construction of some of the world’s most stunning museums and landmarks, but it’s still not enough to make Abu Dhabi a must-see destination. With new attractions popping up left and right, the city is truly a sight to see. Here are some of the top things to do in Abu Dhabi that anyone can enjoy in a Full Day Abu Dhabi city tour package offered by lots of Dubai-based tour operators.

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About Abu Dhabi City

Abu Dhabi is one of the most developed cities in the Middle East and has a great number of attractions that are sure to keep even the most experienced travelers happy. For those who prefer their history with a more cultural touch, Abu Dhabi offers a unique combination of historical sites and modern architecture that will keep you interested for hours. The city offers visitors a unique experience. This is a must-see destination if you are visiting the UAE. The city offers visitors a unique experience. This is a must-see destination if you are visiting the UAE.

Below are a few best places and things to do in Abu Dhabi full-day tour

Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi:

One of the largest museums in the Middle East, the Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi is housed in the spectacular Saadiyat areas. The museum boasts more than 60 galleries, a large central atrium, and the world’s first purpose-built Islamic art museum. The museum is divided into three sections, covering the art of ancient civilizations, modern art, and Islamic art. The highlight of the collection is the extensive Islamic section. It’s easy to spend a whole day here, and if you’re planning a visit for a day Abu Dhabi city tour with family, be sure to check out the museum’s free public tours, which are offered daily between 9 am and 5 pm.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi:

The largest mosque in the Middle East—and one of the world’s largest mosques located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. It’s not only the country’s largest mosque, but it also doubles as the largest prayer hall in the world. Designed by the famous Syrian Architect Mr. Yusef Abdelki, the mosque has been featured in numerous movies too. It’s also home to the world’s first permanent international center for Islamic studies. Visitors are welcome to visit the mosque any time of the day, and there are plenty of guided tours available,  they are in Arabic and English both.

Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi is one of the best tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi city tour, without visiting Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi tour or visit is incomplete.

The distance between Dubai to Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque is approx 2 hours if you travel by private Dubai to Abu Dhabi transfer vehicles.

The structure consists of a vast array of minarets, which look like fingers pointing to the sky. There are more than 1,500 pillars inside the mosque, each of which is decorated with intricate carvings. The mosque also has a large dome, which is said to be the second-largest in the world after the Vatican. The building was inaugurated in 2007, and visitors can enter through the main prayer hall or through the side gates, where visitors can see the entire building up close.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi:

Abu Dhabi’s luxury tourist destination is getting a little more exclusive with the addition of Ferrari World, the world’s biggest theme park that opened its doors on 4th November 2010.

The park is home to a number of rides, Ferrari cars, the World’s biggest roller Coaster, Formula Rosa, a large Ferris wheel, a miniature golf course, and a variety of shops. Ferrari World Entry Tickets cost is $250 approx which includes access to all attractions except for the Ferris wheel and the Ferrari Clubhouse.

This amazing Ferrari theme park is designed to be a futuristic theme park that will not only attract local residents but also international visitors. This park offers visitors rides and attractions that are sure to keep them entertained for hours. There are three main attractions at the park: Formula Rossa, the Ferrari Driving School, and the Ferrari Experience. The Formula Rossa can go at 249kmph speed that takes passengers on a journey around the world on the world’s fastest Roller Coaster. The Ferrari Driving School allows visitors to learn how to drive Ferrari. The Ferrari Experience gives visitors the chance to take a ride in one of the most expensive cars in the world, the Enzo Ferrari.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi:

The centerpiece of the capital of Abu Dhabi is the Emirates Palace, a lavish hotel and entertainment complex built by Sheikh Zayed, the first president of the UAE. It’s easy to see why the palace was built—it’s a gorgeous, extravagant piece of architecture and a landmark for the city. The palace includes a five-star hotel, an indoor park, a luxury shopping mall, a luxury Spa, a swimming pool, a fully-equipped fitness center, and more. A visit to the palace is not cheap—the rates start at around $300 per night, but the opulent setting and stunning views make it a must-see place in Abu Dhabi. This amazing leisure spot must be included in the Abu Dhabi city tour itinerary.

Dates Market Abu Dhabi:

If you’re on an Abu Dhabi tour to visit the Emirates Palace, be sure to make a stop at the Dates Market, one of the largest dates markets in the Middle East. Open daily from 10 am to 2 pm, the market features stalls selling all kinds of dates. If you’re not looking to buy dates, be sure to taste the dates from stalls free and it’s guaranteed after tasting delicious dates you will surely be convinced to buy them and take them home.

Heritage Village Abu Dhabi:

The capital of the United Arab Emirates is home to several museums and cultural institutions. The Heritage Village Abu Dhabi is the city’s oldest tourist attraction, located just near Marina Mall Abu Dhabi. It houses a collection of historical buildings that have been transformed into museums and galleries. The village contains the traditional Souq, ancient Mosque, unique artifacts. You can also enjoy seeing Goats, Horses, Camel, etc.

Explore the historic heritage of Abu Dhabi at the Heritage Village, there’s a lot to do in Abu Dhabi city tour, and the Heritage Village is one of the most unique things to see in the city. It’s an oasis of old-world charm with a wide array of exhibits on everything from traditional Bedouin life to the history of Abu Dhabi. If you’re a fan of Arabian culture and heritage, then this is definitely a place you need to include in your Abu Dhabi city tour bucket list.

You can shop a traditional handmade soap, Arabic design traditional attire, old design jewelry, and more. It’s the perfect family and kids-friendly tourist attraction that all ages of travelers can enjoy.

This Abu Dhabi tourist attractions entry ticket cost is 30 USD.

Abu Dhabi Mall:

The most popular shopping mall in Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Mall is home to more than 250 stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The mall is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi city and features a wide range of high-end brands, including Apple, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and many more. With its convenient location, great shopping options, and impressive interior design, the Abu Dhabi Mall is a top destination for shoppers in Abu Dhabi.

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

If you’re searching for something exhilarating and full of adventure that you can’t in cities, then don’t search further. Get to Desert Safari Abu Dhabi and book dune bashing by 4×4 ride and let the driver roar up to the top of the dunes. You will have the chance to have a go at driving the vehicle, but you will also have the opportunity to take photos from the side of the driver.

The Desert Safari Abu Dhabi is the most popular choice for families with children. There are various activities on offer such as camel riding, swimming, and sandboarding. You can also spend time on the dune buggies. If you’re looking for a great family day out, this is a perfect choice. This activity is suitable for all ages of travelers (exempt preganent women). It is suitable for people who are just starting out in the 4×4 world and those who want to get their first taste of a 4×4 experience. The vehicles are well-equipped with seat belts, child seats, and helmets. The drivers are trained and experienced so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Abu Dhabi City Tour

This Abu Dhabi city tour package takes travelers on a road trip through the heart of the capital and gives them an opportunity to learn about the history of the city. You’ll see landmarks such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Heritage Village, Beach.

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