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Social Security benefits and marriage

Millions of Americans collect SSI, SSDI, and Social Security benefits across the country who are in need with a low income or retired.

social security cards and cash with a chart showing how benefits amounts are impacted by marriage, divorce, SSI

Different factors go into deciding how much you will get each month and whether or not you qualify for different benefits.

If you receive SSDI or retirement benefits and then get married, your benefits will stay the same.

Marriage can impact other benefits though.

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How does marriage impact other types of Social Security benefits?


If you were to get married, any income or resources your spouse has will impact your SSI benefit.

If both you and your spouse are on SSI, your rates will change from individual to couples rates.

Benefits for widows, divorced widows

If you remarry before the age of 60 you can’t get benefits.

If you’re disabled and get married before age 50 you can’t get benefits.

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Divorced spouses

If you collect benefits but get remarried, you will lose your benefits.

Children under 18

If your child or student child is getting benefits, they will end if you remarry.

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