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IRS: Deductions for a home office

Many people started working from home during the pandemic, some even started a business. There are home office deductions available with the IRS.

tax return form to file for home office deductions with the IRS

This means some qualifying individuals could qualify for a bigger refund for working from home.

Taxes have changed a lot since the pandemic began, so here is how it all works.

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Home office deductions and the IRS

Unfortunately, the tax breaks are mainly for those who are self employed or an independent contractor.

People that work for a company from home due to the pandemic do not qualify for the same tax breaks.

This is because home office workers can’t have deductions for their home office from 2018 through 2025.

This is because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

If you receive a W-2 exclusively from an employer, you aren’t eligible.

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Deductions others can get through the IRS for having a home office

Square footage

You may deduct each square food of your home office.

Your office space can have $5 per square foot deducted inside of your home.

It must be proven that that space is only for your job.

The space could be used to store inventory, for daycare services, or as a meeting space for clients.

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Track any of your expenses

You could apply for an expenses tax break if you’ve kept all of your receipts organized.

This includes paying for internet, electric, repairs, and everything else which could result as a write off.

Only the space used for the business can have expenses written off.

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