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IRS: IRS CP80 Notice explained

The IRS is sending a lot of letters this tax season to Americans, and the newest one to confuse people is the IRS Notice CP80.

IRS building sign outdoors

Many people are wondering what this notice is.

In addition to this, many are seeing two specific letters regarding the stimulus payment from March of 2021 and the advanced child tax credit payments.

IRS CP80 Notice explained

The IRS CP80 Notice lets taxpayers know that the IRS received a payment for a tax year, but did not get the return that goes with it.

This means there could be a refund that needs to be issued.

This is sent if a payment has been credited to a taxpayer’s account.


Reasons you were sent a CP80 Notice

  • Taxes were withheld from your pay
  • You made estimated tax payments
  • You didn’t file your taxes by the deadline
  • There are credits to your tax account
  • You have a refund you can lose if you don’t file a tax return within three years

If you do not file a return for the year you have a refund for you risk losing the refund.

This means if you file a return after the three year point is up, you will not see a refund even if there was one.

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