Omicron symptoms expressed differently in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated

Omicron is infecting both those who are vaccinated, and those who are not. However, symptoms may not look the same.

 COVID-19 variant Omicron symptoms look different in unvaccinated

It is important to know what symptoms to expect if you do become infected.

Dr. Fauci is hopeful about what Omicron means for the pandemic

What are the symptom differences?

Many of the symptoms are the same, but it comes down to how severe they are. Find more information here.

Infectious disease specialist at the University of California, San Francisco Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, says that there is little systemic data. He expects that those who are vaccinated and boosted will have mild or no symptoms.

Vaccinated people are likely to experience Omicron symptoms for a shorter period of time. Fully vaccinated usually have symptoms for 1-2 days. Unvaccinated can have symptoms for upward of five days.

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