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Auburn schools’ top business official hopeful in light of Gov. Hochul’s budget plan

The Auburn Enlarged City School District’s top business official says the outlook for the 2022-23 budget looks promising. Lisa Green gave a presentation to the board on Tuesday, January 26, where she discussed what Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposed budget means for the community.

Enactment of Hochul’s budget means New York State would issue $31.3 billion in aid to public schools, according to The Citizen. That’s a $2.1 billion jump from the 2021-22 budget. Foundation aid, which is the base level aid schools receive from the state, would go up $1.6 billion as part of the state’s goal to fully fund its foundation aid formula over a three-year period.

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Auburn is set to get a 12.2% boost in foundational aid, which comes to over $36 million. The district will also receive a 9.6% increase in total state aid, bringing in a total of over $49 million in aid.

“Even though we know there are changes needed, we want changes in the foundation aid formula, we’re very, very happy to see that we are least getting the full funding,” said Green.

Additionally, Hochul’s budget includes a new $2 million grant to support positive school climate programs in high-need school districts.

“Overall, it’s a good picture for us. It’s the best picture we’ve seen in years, as long as I’ve been here,” added Green.