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COVID-19 misconceptions debunked

Misconceptions and false information about COVID-19 is spreading just as fast as the virus.

COVID-19 misconceptions spread like the virus

Doctors in California speak on Coronavirus myths to clear up confusion.

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Immune response to COVID-19

One of the most common myths is that being infected gives you better immunity than the vaccine. A past infection can give you 2-3 months of immunity, but it is not better than the vaccine. More information can be found here.

Higher levels of antibodies and a bigger response from your immune system are found from the vaccine rather than natural immunity.

Near the start of the pandemic, it was believed that if a large part of the population got infected with COVID-19 we could develop herd immunity. Herd immunity would help to eradicate the virus.

Some doctors now believe that herd immunity is out of the question. Herd immunity seems unlikely because there is still a large number of unvaccinated people.

If you test positive for coronavirus, Merck and Pfizer both have antiviral drugs, although they have limited availability. These drugs are intended to help with symptoms, not prevent.

Vaccination and masking are highly encouraged.

There is a surplus of inaccurate information online and in the media regarding COVID-19. The best place to get advice about it is from a doctor.

FDA considering limiting monoclonal antibody treatments

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