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COVID-19: Are my eyes itchy from Omicron?

As the COVID-19 variant Omicron spreads, we are becoming aware of more symptoms. Are itchy eyes a symptom of the variant?

COVID-19 cell Omicron and new symptoms

Despite COVID-19 showing up over two years ago, the virus has been evolving. The Omicron variant has been in the news concerning potentially new symptoms.

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Omicron’s growing list of symptoms

The symptoms associated with Omicron are similar to those of the original COVID-19 variant. Many complain for feeling like they have the flu. The only exception is lost of taste and smell, it is still happening, but less with Omicron. Read more about it here.

Red or irritated eyes are one of the possible symptoms listed by the World Health Organization. Although it is listed, it is not considered a common symptom.

Allergies or eye strain for extended screen time are more common causes for irritated and itchy eyes. Rubbing your eyes will probably make it worse.

Rubbing your eyes will only increase your chances of infection from COVID-19, cold, or flu.

If you think you may have been exposed, test. Wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, and social distancing all lower the risk.

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