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IRS: Avoid these issues when filing tax returns

According to the IRS, one common issue with tax returns is when Americans accidentally file before receiving all the proper tax reporting documents.

IRS website homepage dedicated to taxpayers filing their tax returns and receiving tax refunds

This is dangerous because it may lead to a delay in the processing of your return.

If your return is delayed, this means your refund will be delayed.

The IRS offers various tips on making sure your tax return is as complete and accurate as possible.

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Checklist from the IRS to help taxpayers avoid errors on their tax returns

It’s a good idea to file your taxes electronically instead of by paper.

Make sure before you submit your return, it’s not too early and you have received all necessary documents.

Normally by e-filing, some type of software will scan your return for errors, letting you know where you may need to fix something.

Always double check that your name, address, and zip code are all printed correctly.

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Do not choose more than one filing status. This will lead to processing delays because the IRS won’t know your status to process your return.

Make sure all dependent information is entered correctly, along with any boxes that need to be checked for credits.

When entering your income, be sure to check that it’s on the correct line. If you need to, attach Schedule 1 Form 1040.

Deductions and credits need to be calculated correctly as well as placed on the correct lines with necessary forms and schedules attached.

Brackets need to be around negative amounts on any tax return.

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Check to be sure all proper signatures are on the return.

Attach Form 1099-R to show federal tax withholding.

You must attach all W-2 Copy B forms to your return for the IRS.

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Be sure you used the correct mailing address along with the right amount of postage on the envelope if you choose to mail a paper return.

Double check the banking information you provided is correct if you chose direct deposit for your refund.

Finally, be sure to make yourself a copy of the signed return and all schedules.

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