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IRS: Will Americans need selfies to file tax returns?

This year the IRS will start a new way of accessing your online records through the website: selfies.

IRS website which also has the application

This will begin this summer.

The IRS won’t let anyone with an account uses specific services without using

The account will allow you to access things like transcripts through the portal online.

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The IRS is asking people to create new accounts as soon as they can.

They want people to do this even if they have an account already.

Beginning this summer your old login information will no longer work.

Different documents are needed to create an account, and now a live photo of yourself, better known as a selfie, is required.

You’ll need an email, SSN, photo ID, and a camera phone or webcam to take the photo.

You do not need one of these accounts to e-file your taxes online.

The new requirements were launched in Nov. of 2021.

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Verifying it’s you creating the account through the IRS website

In order to complete the account setup, you’ll see to verify your identity.

You will start by visiting the IRS login page to create an account.

You’ll enter your email and choose a password to create the account.

Next, choose a multi-factor authentication after your email is confirmed.

You will then choose a valid photo ID before submitting a selfie.

You will enter your SSN.

Upon completion of these steps, you can then use the service.

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