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Aldi’s tests cashierless checkout

Aldi’s launches its first cashierless store.

Stores such as Walmart and Tops have had cashierless options for quiet sometime.

Aldi’s is following their footsteps by launching their first cashierless store.

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Aldi testing cashierless checkout in the U.S.

Aldi’s has always been now for their amazing prices.

Now their hoping to had fast checkout times to that list.

Specially placed cameras through out Aldi’s store are able to detect what items customers add to their carts.

Once customers walk out of the store their payment is processed using the app.

When it comes to buy items like alcohol shoppers will be able to use facial age estimation technology to authorize their purchase.

This technology, provided by Yoti, enables customers to confirm their are within seconds via the Aldi Shop & Go app.”

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All about technology in grocery stores

Our shopping experience has came along way from waiting in lines and loading items on to a conveyor belt.

This is thanks to the new technology that we have been given when it comes to checking out in stores.

By the looks of it there’s more change to come.

Alberstons and Kroger will be adding smart grocery carts to some store that partner with Vevve.

Since 2020 Amazon has been using Dash Carts which is a similar option.

Other grocery companies seem to be impressed with the outcome and are now rolling out their own versions of this new technology.

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