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Jack Lisi Youth Award seeks young adult nominees in Steuben County

The Jack Lisi Youth Award, Inc. (JLYA) is calling for nominations for its annual “Jack Lisi Youth Award,” recognition – Incentive for Young Adults. The Jack Lisi Youth Award is presented to deserving young adults, ages 16 to 21 years old, living in Steuben County.

JLYA seeks to recognize youths who have overcome obstacles, or exhibit a desire to succeed. This award is a way to help them continue on their path by providing academic financial assistance, materials needed for continuing education, or materials for workforce related career goals. Award recipients receive a $2,500 grant towards continuing education, workforce materials, or educational materials.

“Honoring youth driven to succeed in the face of obstacles and whose selfless qualities shine bright through hard work, educational curiosity and community service exemplifies the spirit of the award and what Jack Lisi worked his entire life to support. It is the organization’s pleasure to continue Jack’s legacy and offer recognition to young adults who overcome challenges and set positive examples through their work, education or community service,” said Board President Mark Alger.

The award was founded in 1991 to continue Sheriff Jack Lisi’s legacy of caring and assisting young adults in their future success. This year, they celebrate 31 years of recognizing deserving youth. Lisi, who served as Steuben County Sheriff for 18 years, was deeply involved helping struggling young people turn their lives around. He believed that these youths needed someone to care, show support, and provide guidance.

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Anyone can nominate a young adult in Steuben County that fits the award’s criteria by utilizing the JLYA application process, by Friday March 25 2022. Applications can be found here and submitted via email. Nominations of more than one young adult may be submitted and are encouraged.

Each school district will create an ad-hoc committee that will choose one award recipient for all Steuben County school districts taking part. Participating school districts can be found on the JLYA website. Award winners will be announced during the first week of June.