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Cayuga Community College credential program will prepare students quickly for industrial, manufacturing openings

Cayuga Community College is offering a new credential program to prepare students for entry-level positions in industrial and manufacturing facilities.

From the college’s news release:

New in the Spring 2022 semester, the Electro-Mechanical System Fundamentals micro-credential trains enrolled students for entry-level positions in manufacturing and industrial facilities. Students are required to complete six courses in the non-credit program to earn the micro-credential.

“The Electro-Mechanical System Fundamentals micro-credential offers foundational training in core manufacturing skills, preparing students to start or resume their careers,” said Dr. Keiko Kimura, Cayuga’s Vice President of Workforce Development and Partnerships. “We developed this curriculum with significant input from local industrial leaders, which ensures our students have access to top-level training in the skillsets preferred by regional manufacturing employers.”

The micro-credential certifies the recipients’ training and knowledge in multiple skills and fields. Students who earn the micro-credential will be prepared to interpret basic electrical and mechanical schematics, troubleshoot equipment malfunctions, and perform trade-based workplace calculations.

Courses will focus on hands-on operation, maintenance, problem diagnosis and repair of electrical motor controls, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, as well as proper use of precision measurement instruments. Other courses examine the use of blueprints for mechanical and electrical systems, and how variables such as temperature and pressure controls are factored into diagrams and functional systems.

Several classes are offered in an online learning environment to allow students who are currently employed to enroll. Other courses are offered in a combined online and in-person learning environment. Most courses can be completed in two weeks.

Start dates for the courses are:

  • Introduction to Electro-Mechanical Control Schematics: February 11
  • Measuring Instruments: February 16
  • Workplace Communications: March 2
  • Introduction to Electrical Motor Controls: March 18
  • Introduction to Basic Pneumatics: April 1
  • Introduction to Basic Hydraulics: April 15

For more information about Electro-Mechanical System Fundamentals and other micro-credentials at Cayuga, email Assistant Director of Community Education and Workforce Development Emily Cameron at [email protected] or visit