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COVID-19 vaccine: Why aren’t people getting it?

COVID-19 vaccines have been available in the United States since early in 2021.

COVID-19 vaccine and syringe

If vaccines are widely available, what is stopping them?

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I had COVID, when can I get my booster?

Top reasons people have not been vaccinated

Despite health experts warning that the COVID-19 vaccine is the best protection against serious illness and death, many still are not vaccinated. See a full detailed list here.

The primary reasons for the lack of vaccination in the US is listed below:

  • misinformation
  • parental concerns
  • access to the vaccine
  • distrust among Black and Brown communities

If someone you know is unwilling to get vaccinated, the CDC has suggestions on how to have a constructive conversation. They recommend asking open-ended questions and really listening. If possible, connect them with somebody that can address their concerns.

CDC also recommends helping that person find the “why” to get vaccinated rather than the “why not.”

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‘Mild’ COVID-19 symptoms and what they really mean

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