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COVID-19: I had COVID, when can I get my booster?

You may not have to wait as long as you think to receive your booster after being infected with COVID-19 variant Omicron.

COVID-19 vaccine and syringe

With at least a million people having been infected with COVID-19, many are now wondering how long they have to wait to get their booster, to lower the risk of further infection.

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When can I get my COVID-19 booster and how long will it last?

Once your symptoms have gone away and you have completed your recommended isolation period, you can get the booster.

CDC guidelines now recommend five days of isolation followed by five days of wearing a well fitting mask.

Dr. Darien Sutton on Good Morning America still recommends waiting the full ten days to pass before getting the booster shot. Read more about it here.

Virologists at the University of Saskatchewan Angela Rasmussen caution that the booster may not protect you from initial infection, but will help clear the infection before it makes you sick.

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How long does the COVID-19 Omicron variant last?

Harvard University conducted a study on COVID-19 and transmission rates. It is currently under peer review.

The study appears so show that Omicron cases are shorter than that of the Delta variant.

Omicron was found to have a 9.87 day span versus Delta’s 10.9.

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