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Mcdonald’s: Spicy Chicken McNuggets released

McDonalds debuts new Spicy Chicken McNuggets.

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McDonalds rings in the new year with a new product.

Limited-time only Peppercorn Garlic Spicy Chicken McNuggets alongside two new sauces, Garlic Soy Sauce Mayo and Smoked Cheese in Japan.

Will these nuggets make an appearance on the menu in the US?

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 McDonald’s unveils new McNuggets and sauces in Japan

Its unclear exactly how spicy these nuggets are but considering there served with to dairy-based sauces its safe to say they pack a punch.

These Peppercorn Garlic McNuggets are made with a mixture of ground black pepper, garlic ,white pepper and chili pepper.

The nuggets are accompanied by there own unique sauces.

You can choose between the mayo or the smoked cheese sauce to see what your perfect combo is to combat the heat of these nuggets.

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 Will we see these McNuggets in the U.S.?

For a limited-time McDonalds launched Spicy Chicken McNuggets in the U.S..

This was a huge success with the nuggets selling out nation wide within a month.

Given the demand for spicy McNuggets in the U.S., will McDonalds expand the launch of the Peppercorn Garlic Spices McNuggets outside of Japan?

The chain does have a history of testing new menu items in international markets.

For example, the McPlant burger which began in the U.K. and made it to the American market three months later.

You can take action if you have a passion for spicy foods and want to see these nuggets on the American menu.

You could sign this petition to bring Spicy McNuggets back to the McDonald’s menu permanently.

As for the new Pepper Garlic spicy McNuggets, only time will tell whether or not Americans will get the chance to try them.

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