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Food stamps: Are SNAP benefits taxed?

People are preparing to file their taxes, and many are wondering what benefits they need to pay taxes on, specifically food stamps.

grocery basket filled with food stamp eligible items in a grocery aisle

One of the most commonly collected benefits are food stamps.

42 million currently benefit from the program.

Emergency SNAP assistance for January

Are there taxes for food stamps when you file a return?

There are no taxes that need to be paid or claimed on your tax return for food stamps.

By law, they aren’t taxable income like unemployment benefits are.

An individual isn’t taxed on food stamps, but they may not claim the monthly payment they receive as taxable income either.

This means it may not be eligible for the earned income credit.

What you claim on your tax return could impact your benefits if it shows you make too much money.

If you surpass a certain threshold, you may end up losing your benefits.

How much you get in SNAP for every state

Sales tax and food stamps

When you purchase items using your EBT card, there is no sales tax on the purchase.

This means a drink worth $3 will not have the tax it normally would.

Participating grocery stores and convenience stores accept EBT cards.

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Applying for benefits

You can apply for SNAP benefits through the state you reside in.

Your income will help determine whether you qualify.

Every state has different requirements, so it’s best to check with your local SNAP office.

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