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How to track secret conversations on facebook

Description: The material of this article is to explore the question of how to track secret conversations using a spy app for Facebook, which includes additional information on how it works, is it safe, and a list of similar applications.

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network with 2.7 billion users. People use this app to post pictures and, of course, to communicate. Facebook communication is not always safe – spam messages from strangers or secret chats where your children’s security can be in danger. We’ve compiled a list of the best spy apps that will allow you to covertly track the accounts of your children and be the first who will know if they’re safe.

Benefits of Facebook Stalker & Viewer

Tracking applications can be used in many ways. Such apps are usually available free of charge, they are secure and provide full access to the target account. You’ll find out who your kids are texting and what they’re talking about.

There are several benefits to such applications:

  • by using it, you can remain undetected, but still, learn about the life of the target user;
  • such applications guarantee your anonymity;
  • spy apps do not require your data and you do not need to register;
  • you have the opportunity to control the Facebook activity of a child, to see if they are in a bad company;
  • often you can track GPS-location;
  • you have the ability to track secret conversations on Facebook.

Top 3 spy apps for Facebook tracking


Umobix is a powerful software that can remotely track the actions of a target user on Facebook. If you choose Umobix for secret and remote monitoring of all actions that a user does on Facebook, you will definitely make the right choice. In addition to the fact that you can see secret messages, you will see pictures, audio, video, and the entire history of the user’s actions.

What activities can you track?

  • remote control of chats and calls;
  • listen to voice messages;
  • see the photos that the target user sends;
  • you will be provided with a contact list;
  • you’ll know social media online status;
  • view all notifications.

So you can track secret conversations on Facebook and any social activity. Umobix also helps track GPS location, so you always know where your child is. In additional features, you can recognize browser history, browser bookmarks and can have a mailbox scanner.

Umobix was developed for social media monitoring as a tracking application that works best. This is necessary for all parents who care about their children. With the Facebook tracking app, users will be well informed about the target person and will be protected from online threats – which include intimidation or harassment. Umobix is very concerned about the safety of all users and therefore keeps track of all messages exchanged by the account owner and his friends. If you find something suspicious in your children, you should use the Facebook tracker Umobix to find out the truth.

The application is easy to install and operate, and the free trial version helps to get acquainted with all the basic functions and understand how the application works. Then you can sign either a monthly or a yearly subscription. The uMobix spy app costs $49.99 to track a device for a month. The price of the quarterly plan is $83.99. The yearly plan will cost you – $134.99, which is the most affordable price.

2. Cocospy

The Cocospy – is an application that helps to secretly track conversations on Facebook is a software that can show user actions in a Facebook messenger. Its users can learn about all activities, including secret chat rooms, messages, multimedia, or voice messaging. It works with target devices to secretly monitor their actions online.

With the Facebook messenger feature for the iPhone and Android, the monitoring software in this application offers you:

  •  track secret conversations on Facebook, control messages, group chat;
  • see photo profiles of all the people who communicated with the user of the target device;
  • view all sent and received Facebook stickers and emojis on the target device;
  • view all photos sent and received via Facebook as well as audio messages.

All dialogs are uploaded by the application to your Cocospy private office, where you can view them using the toolbar. You can find out who and when your child was on Facebook.

You can follow the chat in the Facebook account in real-time by simply clicking the “update” button. All received data is immediately uploaded to your online account.

Tracking your child’s online activities is not an easy task if you do not have an effective monitoring system. Installing monitoring applications on your child’s smartphone is a simple tool to see how much time it spends on the Internet and what it is spent on. Smartphone monitoring applications allow parents not only to track online activity but also to have real-time access to a rapid GPS tracker that accurately locates the child at any time.

3. SpyStealth

SpyStealth is tracking software that guarantees that you are aware of the Facebook messenger’s actions. It remotely accesses the target device and tracks their chats, tracks calls, enables screen recording, or also tracks voice messages.

The application can be installed remotely, the installation process takes several minutes. You can check if your child is hiding something from you. You can monitor her or his activity with your PC or even your smartphone. This tracking app allows you to see the keystrokes, the media sent to the messenger. It is undetectable software, so it will allow you to remain undetected at all times. 

This spy app works independently and collects all necessary data from different segments such as memory, backup, programmed destination, and so on. And it is through the Internet that data collected from mobile phones will be transmitted to the website.

The Facebook monitoring function is activated automatically when you activate your SpyStealth account. All Facebook data will be saved as screenshots and you will be able to view them at any time.

Just enter your account, go to the tab «Messages» and then to the tab “IMS”. Select Facebook from the “IMS” menu and then you can view the entire Facebook activity of the target device.

Closing thoughts

Knowing what your child is doing on the Internet and who he or she is communicating with can be vital information. Teenagers often hide things from their parents, and it is important to know if there are problems that need to be addressed. Mass use of Facebook carries many risks. This application can be dangerous for children and can compromise their privacy. So spy apps for Facebook tracking help prevent similar situations.

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