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Cash App: Direct deposit and tax services available

Many people use Cash App to send money back and forth electronically, but that it can also be used by individuals to receive checks from the government.

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The appeal with choosing Cash App over a bank for things like getting paid or receiving your tax refund is speed.

According to Cash App, the money sent to you is made available immediately after it’s sent.

Services with the app include direct deposit for you paycheck, receiving your tax refund, and any unemployment benefits.

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How to set up government funds to be direct deposited into your Cash App account

You’ll need to download the app and activate Cash Card for your account.

This provides you with a routing number so you can receive direct deposits.

After both are set up you can start receiving the direct deposits.

You’ll click on the Banking tab from the home screen, which is identified with a $ sign.

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From there, you’ll tap “Direct Deposit” and follow its instruction.

Be sure all information is correct so there are no delays in receiving your funding.

After the funds you choose are directly deposited into your Cash App account, you can then use the Cash Card you created online or in stores where Visa is accepted.

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File your taxes with Cash App

This year you can download Cash App Taxes to use to file both your federal and state taxes for free.

Your refund will be double checked for accuracy, guaranteed.

By choosing to have the refund deposited into your account, the company says you will see your refund two days faster.

It is promised that any penalty imposed by the IRS or state due to a miscalculation by Cash App will be covered for up to $1,000. It will be in the form of gift cards.

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