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Know deadlines for renewing food stamp SNAP benefits or risk losing them

Many Americans rely on food stamps, or SNAP benefits to provide food and meals to their family.

This makes it more important to know when they might expire and what you need to do to renew them.

If you forget, delays due to COVID-19 could draw out the time it takes to fix the issue, causing your family to lose the benefits until it’s fixed.

Make sure to be proactive so this doesn’t happen to you.

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Who can get food stamp SNAP benefits?

Eligibility requirements depend on the state you live in.

The food stamp program is federally funded, but the government has states handle their distribution of funds.

Someone over the age of 60 or someone with a disability may have a higher limit they need to reach for income before they do not qualify.

If you’re determined eligible, you’ll get food stamps to cover from that point back to when you applied.

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How long do you get benefits and how do they expire?

When you’re approved you will be told how long they’re good for.

This is known as a certification period.

You’ll receive a notice before your period ends that you need to re-certify to avoid losing these benefits.

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In New York state, you’re notified two months before the end date and given a packet to help with the recertification, application and all.

An interview will already be scheduled for you.

Many states require proof of income before they will renew your benefits.

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