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$1,200 checks from the IRS delayed until 2022

The IRS is dealing with such a large back log of amended tax returns that there’s no way for everyone who is owed a 2020 refund of some sort to receive it before 2022.

Specifically, if your tax return had mistakes, claimed the recovery rebate credit, is missing anything, or was suspected to be identity theft, you may not see your refund anytime soon.

The only thing the IRS announced they would send before the end of the year was another batch of unemployment refunds.

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That batch will be sent before the end of the year, but the IRS plans to remain focused on the complex returns to continue issuing them in 2022.

6.2 million returns remain unprocessed and that number has not changed since Nov.

In Nov. 430,000 tax refunds were sent to Americans that had been waiting for most of 2021.

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The checks on average were $1,189 each.

When will I get my refund?

If the IRS needs more information from you, they will reach out by mail.

When you get the letter, make sure to respond as fast as possible due to the length of time corrections take to be processed.

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There are different circumstances that go into your issue being resolved, including how quick to respond as well as the availability of trained IRS staff social distancing.

No action is necessary on your part, the IRS will let you know if they need anything.

In the meantime, keep track of your refunds by using the Where’s My Refund tool.

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