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Housing Justice for All calls for Assembly hearing on bill that would protect renters from eviction

A group called Housing Justice for All is calling on the Assembly to hold hearings on a bill that would protect renters from eviction.

The group says the State Senate has already scheduled a hearing on the “Good Cause Eviction” bill for January 7th. According to a Housing Justice for All news release:

“By holding this hearing, the New York State Senate is responding to the ongoing rent and eviction crisis faced in every corner of this State. They are acting on the demands of their constituents, and we are calling on the State Assembly to do the same,” said Cea Weaver, Campaign Coordinator with Housing Justice for All. “The eviction moratorium is just weeks away from lapsing and hundreds of thousands of households are still behind on rent. Tenants will not be able to navigate this crisis without a fair court process, and Good Cause legislation will deliver just that. Albany must ensure that New Yorkers have safe refuge in their home when the eviction moratorium expires and Good Cause is a critical piece of that puzzle.”


Background on Good Cause Eviction (S3082/A5573):

Good Cause Eviction (Salazar/Hunter) gives tenants the right to due process in court should their landlord choose not to renew their lease. It prevents arbitrary or retaliatory evictions by requiring landlords to have “good cause” to terminate a tenancy. It prevents price gouging by requiring landlords to justify rent increases above 150% of the consumer price index if their tenant chooses to challenge the rent increase in court. If passed, good cause eviction would prevent arbitrary evictions for 1.6 million households statewide – roughly half of the state’s renters, and as many as 75 percent of tenants in some counties.