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Missing Social Security or SSI check? Here are 4 reasons why it may not have arrived

Sometimes people are waiting on their Social Security check and it seems like it never arrives.

There are times when your check is or is not supposed to arrive.

Whatever day of the month your birthdate falls on determines the day you get your Social Security payment.

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The first round of payments normally go out the second Wednesday of every month.

SSI payments are on the first of every month. Their payment schedule is different, even though the program goes through the Social Security Administration.

So, is your payment really missing, or are there reasons you aren’t getting it that make sense?

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4 reasons your Social Security hasn’t arrived

Sometimes the holidays have an impact on things like payment schedules.

This will happen if your payment date falls on the same day as a federal holiday.

Christmas should not change Social Security beneficiaries payment dates because they all fall on Wednesdays ahead of Christmas.

SSI is different, because the payment date falls on the 1st of every month.

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Because Jan. 1 is a federal holiday, SSI payments go out the business day before the holiday.

This year Jan. 1 is a Saturday, so it will be federally recognized on Friday Dec. 31. This will push it back two days to Dec. 30 for SSI recipients.

Issues within the Social Security Administration office beyond your control may be delaying your payment.

This could be the office becoming overwhelmingly busy, short staffing, or even COVID-19.

Did your address change?

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Sometimes if you forget to change your address with the SSA after you’ve moved, it’s going to delay payments.

This is true even when your checks aren’t mailed to your home.

Sometimes people also forget to change their banking information.

You can do this right online in your account.

If you’re missing your check and it still has not arrived after a few more days, called the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. on business days.

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