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People with SSI benefits will see two checks this December worth up to $1,635

Millions of Americans are on Supplemental Security Income, or SSI benefits.

These people will see two checks for their SSI benefits this month.

The Social Security Administration expects around 8 million people to collect SSI benefits in the year 2022.

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SSI is managed by the SSA and helps specific populations who have little or no income.

This includes people over age 65, blind people, and people with disabilities.

In order to qualify for the benefits, individual people may not have over $2,000 in assets and couples can not have over $3,000 in assets.

If you’re earning money while collecting SSI, the amount you make will lower your benefits.

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SSI and Social Security are two different programs, with some seniors collecting both.

Checks are normally issued on the first of every month, but Jan. 1 is New Year’s Day, a federally recognized holiday.

The checks will be sent one day prior to the holiday, and since the holiday falls on a Saturday, the official observance will be the Friday before.

This means checks will be sent two days early on Dec. 30, 2021.

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Recipients already received their last 2021 payment for Dec., and this new check is for Jan. of 2022. This means the check will be bigger.

The 5.9% COLA increase that when into effect for Social Security applies to SSI as well.

Checks will now be around $34 more dollars on average, rising from $587 to $621 for 2022.

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This will bring in around $7,452 per year for the average SSI recipient.

The maximum will be $841 per month, or $10,092 per year in 2022. Before this the maximum was $794.

Those earning the maximum can expect around $1,635 in Dec.

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