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Which fast food restaurants are open on Christmas Day?

Sometimes we get hungry after Christmas dinner, but we want something fast and easy.

Some people would even prefer to grab some fast food on the day of Christmas rather than cook a feast.

The good news is that there will probably be a fast food place you can hit on Christmas Day.

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The best thing to do is to call ahead because despite being open, many places are changing their hours to accommodate their staff for the holiday.

This is a good thing, so they can then spend time with their families like everyone else.

Here are the holiday hours for popular fast food restaurants

Burger King will be open on Christmas Eve, but many locations will likely change their hours on Christmas Day.

If you need to know their hours, call ahead of Christmas Day to check. Customer service can be reached at 1-866-394-2493.

McDonald’s will likely be open normally through Christmas Eve and Day, but since many are run by franchisees, it’s best to call and check.

You can also check using the McDonald’s Global Mobile App.

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Five Guys will be open with modified hours on Christmas Eve, and closed Christmas Day.

Dunkin’ Donuts will likely be open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. You can call customer service to be sure at 1-800-859-5399.

Domino’s will have modified hours at most locations Christmas Eve, but whether it’s open on Christmas Day is up to the owner of the establishment. You can call your local Domino’s to check.

KFC should be operating their normal hours on Christmas Eve but will remain closed Christmas Day.

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Pizza Hut will be open with modified hours Christmas Eve and closed Christmas Day.

Starbucks will have some open locations on Christmas Day, and the company suggests that their customers check using their store locator to find the nearest open store.

Subway will remain open with modified hours. You’ll need to check with your local Subway, but if they are open they will open later and close earlier.

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