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Qualifying Americans can still apply for stimulus checks worth $500, see if you’re eligible

The applications remain open for the stimulus checks worth $500 to qualifying St. Louis residents.

St. Louis is assisting families that struggled due to the pandemic, and the stimulus check are one way of helping.

There are three requirements for qualification.

You must be a resident in the City of St. Louis for at least 12 months.

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If you are homeless and/or an undocumented resident, you are still eligible through the use of a representative.

The household applying must earn 80%or less of the area median income for St. Louis.

For a household of one, that’s $47,550, a household of 4 is $67,900, and a household of 8 is $89,650.

Residents must prove they lost income because of the pandemic.

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This may be due to losing hours, losing your job, paying for a funeral, or needing to pay for treatment.

You need to provide proof of residency and income when applying for the stimulus program.

The applications can be completed online through the City’s website.

Upon completion of the application, you will receive updates regarding the city’s decision.

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Funds can be given electronically or by mail.

Application workshops are available to residents with disabilities or without computer access through the Department of Human Services.

The workshops will run through Jan. 15, and go from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Wohl Center.

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