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Will there be a fourth stimulus check in the future?

As Americans get used to the idea that a fourth stimulus check from the federal government might be unlikely, one group is still pushing for one.

Americans have received three checks since the pandemic began to help stimulate the economy and help those impacted by pandemic.

Seniors are one of the hardest hit populations. While living on a fixed income, they’ve seen inflation cause goods and services to rise in price.

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The Senior Citizens League is urging Congress to give seniors another check worth $1,400 to help offset inflation and rising Medicare costs in 2022.

Rick Delaney, Seniors Citizen League’s chairman, addressed Congress again and explained that this time of year is an expensive and busy time.

He went on to explain that a one time payment worth $1,400 could help with their Christmas time budget.

Tens of thousands of signatures have been collected to push Congress to provide additional financial aid to seniors.

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