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Here are 5 stimulus programs that may help with child tax credit payments ending

The monthly child tax credit payments have come to an end, and many worry since they learned to depend on them.

Many states understand their low income households are struggling. In response many have created their own stimulus payment programs.

These may not apply to everyone, but they’re available for those who need the help.

Here are 5 stimulus programs that can help those struggling following the final child tax credit payment

Cities and states have created their own versions of stimulus programs.

One notable program is in California.

The state is in the middle of sending out their second round of Golden State Stimulus II checks.

These checks are worth between $600 and $1,100.

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Maine is sending around 500,000 residents checks worth $285 on average.

Maryland residents may see checks worth $300-$500.

Many states are offering checks based on job title, and Florida is sending teachers $1,000 for their commitment to working during a pandemic.

States across the country are starting universal basic income programs that many might qualify for.

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Columbia, Chicago, New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Santa Ana all have some sort of pilot program for low income residents.

Columbia, South Carolina is giving $500 per month to low income fathers for one year.

In Chicago, families making under $35,000 will be chosen at random to be given $500 per month, and in Los Angeles $1,000 per month.

New Orleans teenagers and young adults will be chosen at random to receive $350 per month through the financial literacy program.

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Parents will be able to collect the second half of their child tax credit in 2022, giving them a bit of money to look forward to.

Parents can expect up to $1,800 per child next tax season.

Many Americans may even see missed stimulus payments when they file their taxes next year.

New parents who will report a dependent they gained during 2021 will be given a $1,400 stimulus check.

Those living overseas that did not get one this year may also claim theirs.

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There are other ways to think of that will help bring in money.

One way is by using cash back programs like Ibotta.

By showing your receipt you can collect money for certain items.

Some banks offer bonuses for anyone that opens new accounts with them.

Many companies are offering sign on bonuses as they struggle to maintain employees.

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