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$6,300 stimulus checks set to go out December 15 have been delayed, are you eligible?

A large stimulus check is being given to students worth $6,300, but you need to be going to the Morehouse School of Medicine to receive it.

The school recently announced its plans to give students checks worth $6,300 from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

The check is given to students to help with the costs of childcare, food, transportation, housing, and healthcare.

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Students currently enrolled will see these checks.

Who will get the check?

Over 750 enrolled students at the Morehouse School of Medicine will see these checks. All they need to do to get it is be studying for a degree through the school.

The checks were supposed to be sent this week on Dec. 15, but have been delayed.

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The delay is so federal education department officials can review their plans. The checks will be sent following review and approval.

The spending of these checks is not supposed to be on whatever students want, but basic needs they need covered while in school.

While $6,300 seems like a lot, the Meharry Medical School in Nashville plans to send payments worth $10,000 to its 900 enrolled students.

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