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Stimulus checks worth up to $500 per child available in 2022, make sure to apply

Richmond, Texas parents could see checks worth up to $500 per child in 2022.

This means parents with three kids could receive up to $1,500.

The payment recurs for three months, meaning they could see up to $4,500 for three kids in just three months.

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The assistance is to help offset the costs of childcare since the pandemic started.

You need to show your income has been negatively impacted due to the pandemic when applying for the Fort Bend County child care voucher.

$42.5 million dollars has been set aside to help with the cost of child care, mortgage payments, and rent.

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9,000 families are expected to benefit from the funding.

$48 million dollars have also been set aside to help small businesses that were hurt during the pandemic.

These funds will help 3,000 small businesses with 14,000 jobs to protect.

737 children have already been helped through the child care voucher program as the county tries to spread awareness of the programs.

Day care providers are working to let parents they serve know about the programs in case they need help.

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